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 I'm currently available for production and editorial projects in various genres.  I love working as part of a team whether it is a short film, documentary, feature, animation, music, theatre live event children or  Television including charitable production.

For many years, I have attended courses to upskill and keep up to date with productions values, ethics, standards and courses. Im mental health First aid trained. I am in the process of renewing DBS and renewing my First Aid training. 

My expertise as a professional international producer and my time at Sky PLC has allowed me to gain expertise in understanding globe audiences which have helped me gain a senior position in the joint role of head of productions and one of a few series co-producers at new indie start-up production company in Glasgow in Scotland.

I am available to work remotely all over the world and  I  have in the past volunteered for 10  years with TYPT I was one of the founding broad members of Toonspeak Young People theatre based in Glasgow. I stayed in that position for 6 years Toonspeak recently joined Creative Scotland of regular funded organisation ex alumni include Iain Robertson Scottish  BAFTA award-winning film Small Faces Iain Connell awarding-winning comedy writer and Robert Florence chewing the fat Burnistoun, Stephen Purdon River City.

I now a volunteer with Founders4kids. mentoring young teens. Im actively working to break down the stigma of mental health in the creative industry and fostering kindness inclusion empathy and collaboration.

I am an active member of BECTU, Women in Film and Media and the Royal Television Society,  During my 5th-year, I won a place to attend the world-famous Castle Toward Artist Summer Workshop, where many famous Scottish artists musicians had their first break. My artwork was displayed in an exhibition in Bellahouston Park. 

In 6th year I auditioned for Glasgow School Musical Youth Theatre  and won a place past  alumni include Natale Robb 

I was awarded second place in Glasgow School Robert Burn poetry competition.  I am a trained Method Actress with an award-winning New York company.

I won an award  for Best Orginal Concept at the Glasgow  48-Hour film Festival

I have worked remotely online for many years for the US film and tv market and a few global projects as a freelance development consultant for private clients some of them are under ndas building them teams

Im a published children author and Illustrator I co-write with my brother our books are on amzaon 

If anyone would like to view samples of my work please contact me via the chat service or the contact page and I will respond back. 








  • Producer

  • Production Coordinator

  • AD

  • Production trainer

  • Mental Health First Aider

  • COVID production advisor

  • Editor

  • Content Creator

  • Author

  • Screenwriter

  • Series Creator

  • Animation

  • Working with Children on set

  • Self-shooting

  • Fact-finding and research training

  • Social Media and Marketing

  • Impact Producer

  • Music Industry Expert